Aluna – A Message from the Kogi Tribe

Kogi Tribe Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Recently I watched the documentary movie Aluna (director Alan Ereira).

I was very impressed and it remembered me one more time how much knowledge indigenous people have and that we, the “developed” people and world should put our egotripic supervisious thinking aside for a while and just listen to them. The Kogi people survived so many centuries and they want to share their knowledge how to avoid destroying the planet, our Mother Earth. As they said kindly in the movie, we are their hope 💙

…deeply touched, I started to search for photos way back in my archives, back in the time when I was still jumping around the globe with my camera. These photos were made in 2007 when me and my sister passed a Kogi Village on our way to Ciudad Perdida in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. I remember that I was extremely nervous taking pictures of them, I felt so much respect than never before in front of the people. And back then I didn’t know jet about their environmental actions and knowledge 🙏

Kogi Tribe in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Photographs were also a part of group Exhibition 2008 (Slovenia). I highly recommend to take a look at this movie (available on YouTube too).