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Days to Remember

temascal, ritual, solstice, eclipse, new moon, blanka kefer, witch, sisterhood,
The strength, the power and pure magic of the sisterhood. This is the way. Standing side by side. Making the impossible possible. To remember that we are one. We burn from the inside, to make changes to the outside. I feel so blessed and rich, becoming a witch. What a powerful shift <3

Self-Isolation: Stay In Forever

suppose it is very hard at the moment for most of the humans to see how important the time of our isolation is. It is an uniqe opportunity to face our needs, to understand what matters most in our life, and to distinguish between our real and not very necessary needs. The few lucky ones are blessed to feel great liberation and freedom, not missing anything and being in very good company when spending time by themselves. Meanwhile others suffer a sense of great deprivation since until now they never had an oportunity to stop for a moment and not run from themselves for a while.