Self-Isolation: Stay In Forever

Self-Isolation: Stay In Forever

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Self-Isolation: Stay In Forever

I suppose it is very hard at the moment for most of the humans to see how important the time of our isolation is. It is an uniqe opportunity to face our needs, to understand what matters most in our life, and to distinguish between our real and not very necessary needs. The few lucky ones are blessed to feel great liberation and freedom, not missing anything and being in very good company when spending time by themselves. Meanwhile others suffer a sense of great deprivation since until now they never had an oportunity to stop for a moment and not run from themselves for a while.

Outside of our living rooms, life continues anyways. Our dear system fights the battle in its own way. It is quite funny to see how it tries to stick to the power model and improvise with the poor tools it possesses to stop the virus. Some suggested laws are so absurd, that there is almost no chance that they would not be mirrored back to it. That this system lacks real wisdom and chooses to only use its limited intelligence is getting so obvious, that now is a big chance most people will finally get it and start to think with their own head – or at last start to question our authorities more. And that is a big hooray!

And then here is us. Locked down, watching our leaders acting on their “best ways” and at the same time forced to look inside ourselves. Oh Yes, the precious diving time – visiting new hidden emotional landscapes, meeting demons, opening Pandora’s boxes… what a powerful time – and what a pity that no formal education gave us tools to work with that material we find buried in ourselves. Now when we have finally found the time to “check-in” is not so easy to see what we find – the fear, pain, and boredom. And suddenly we switch on like a machine and start to miss going to work, daily activities, after work beers, weekend drugs, concerts, sport events etc. – and then all that is left to us is to complain.

So let’s face the truth – that actually we love our “System Supermarket”. It is the best, it ALWAYS has a void filler at hand, offering nicely packed red cross kits to quickly escape from ourselves and provides best selling pain converters to give us relief and fake healing for our unexamined, unfulfilled, and unhappy lives. 

No more cheap flight tickets, weekend beers, collective sport events, shopping or whatever we miss at the moment. For the first time in a very long time the system has stopped and now we can not enjoy life anymore? Finally a change is happening and we want to leave the inner battlefield ASAP because we want our “perfect” system back? I deeply hope there are at least a few of us who are willing to give up at least someTHING to get the lost piece of our soul back and finally ask ourselves what we really are other than “the thing I need” and “the thing I want to have”.

Until it lasts, I will just rest. Observe the pure blue sky, hear the birds sing, watch the flowers bloom and let the beauty of peace simply sink in. 

In the picture: Self-isolation, Schneeberg, 2019. My learning about importance of self-isolation started couple of years ago, when I committed myself to do a ritual called vision quest and spend couple of days alone in the woods. Since then I try to self-isolate every now and then. With the collapsing system and being without any income at the moment it is clearer than ever for me – there is no better investment than self-investment. 

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