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Gardening For Life

Recently back home spending some time gardening, I realised I must have been living on Mars half of my adulthood not sensing the power and wisdom that is present in our Mother Earth. Obviously I needed a couple of hard landings and untying many emotional knots to finally ground and be able to remember the forgotten connection again. 

I can’t stop wondering about the whispers and wisdom that is being delivered to me when I put my attention to Mother Earth. Just taking a moment and only being aware of the ground under my feet, makes me feel supported all the way and gives enormous stablility and willingnes to live, explore and create. How could I ignore this for so long? Always there for me. Always nurturing. Always forgiving. Always loving. Always giving. It’s logically almost unimaginable that every tree, every plant and every fruit on the planet is there for and available to me. She just gives – without regard, without question. She just loves- without borders, without measure. 

Most of the time, most humans are unfortunately unaware of this beautiful process and don’t really care. Except the ones that are and that do. And so they dig, they rake, they plant, they water and then – they receive even more. What a joy it is for a heart to observe the rising beauty of our gardens and receiving gifts when showing the Earth love and respect. What a fulfillment it is to master giving and receiving. What a bliss it is to learn how to master the formula of love. 

We are all owners of our own “gardens “inside of us as well. A (back)ground, soil, an inner place that is there for us to take care of. Surely different grounds from our family lines are given to us, some more devastated than others, some very fertile and with good seeds, and others less and covered with bad weed, but yet we still receive it as a potential to plant, grow and harvest.

Bad land, more work – more work, more joy at the end. It lies in our hands if we want to take care of our gardens and what we wish to see blooming in our hearts. We are free to choose what we cultivate and we can harvest whatever we wish for. With patience, attention and carefully picked seeds for humility, gratitude and respect we can give less and less space for fear, greed, anger, sorrow and other bad weed that wants to expand in our inner fields without control. Surely it is easier to buy pesticides and achieve short-term joy and distasteful food which in long-term only destroys the inner soil, but sooner or later we have to face the truth anyways – that no one and nothing will make our gardens bloom and bring harvest, if we don‘t take care of them by our own. 

“The world is devastated and so am I” can be very much turned into a liberating duty “I am blooming and I am happy to share my harvest with you”. Only sitting on the devastated land and waiting that difficult high degree equations in our hearts will be solved by itself will not bring us any progress and every “crazy weather day” will demolish our “weather sensitive garden space” into even bigger devastation. If we choose to take care of it, protect it and carefully plant what is best for us, we attain our own (soul)food and can extended our beauty and abundance to the common ground of the world. Today it’s getting clearer than ever and we can remember again that our (inner)actions co-create our collective space. And if our gardens are not blooming, we have nothing pretty to share with others and give to the world, we only cultivate greed and grow our codependency on “outer supplies”.

While most of the world still pushes and rushes hardheaded to gain work success for self-satisfaction and remains closed in the system itself, only those who decided to garden know – what they will plant, will grow. And what will grow will also rise in their inner and outer world.

My garden. Your garden. Our garden.

My world. Your world. Our world.

Basic way of logic.

Basic way of thinking from the heart.

Basic way of trying to get our Paradise on Earth back.

In the picture: Mama’s Garden, 2020. I come from a country where traditionally almost every house and even some of the flats have a food garden. In the history of sLOVEnia most of the population were farmers, this developed quite a collective national complex of having a history of only being farm servants. If we could only turn our complex into strenght, we could see that today we are one of the pioneers in the developed world in food self-suficiency. Our grandparents and parents carried this tradition to the present time, buying in supermarkets is super easy but gardening is thankfully becomimg a trend again. It makes me so proud to know that we stayed connected with the land and know how beautiful it is to love our Mother Earth. Grateful  🙏

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