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Shamanic Trance Dance

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Foto: Nace Zavrl

Shamanic Trance Dance is a contemporary dance ritual with ancient roots. Evolving from the ancient wisdom of shamanism this dance is a powerful, supportive tool for deep inner work, self-reflection, manifestation and letting go. It incorporates natural and spontaneous movement, healing sounds, energizing breath of fire and focused intention.

Shamanic Trance Dance offers you a safe space to express yourself through intentional dance, inner observation of emotional, body and mental processes, free movement and helps you unlock the unconscious to discover the magic from within.


Temazcal or a sweat lodge is an ancient purification ceremony with its origins in ancient Mesoamerica. The safe space is offering a place for mental, body, emotional and spiritual purification. Stones heated in a fire outside are carried into the covered lodge and then water is poured onto the stones as in sauna. The ceremony offers space for singing, giving thanks and silence.

The altar is hold after the tradition of Fuego Sagrado de Izachilatlan, a movement and collaboration of different leaders who promote peace and dignity for humanity.The initiation for the work is given through the completion of 4-Year Vision Quest Ritual.

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Other Events And Circles

Based on the same values and ideas of life new movements, spaces and events are being developed, witch offer alternative content for cultivation of social contacts, exchange of skills, experiences and knowledge.

More coming soon <3

About Me and Dance and Rituals

Dance and Movement
Since I can remember, I have enjoyed it most when I dance. Apart from all the activities, projects, relocations, and migrations it turned out, that dance always stayed my constant companion. Only in recent years have I become aware, that it always has been my main tool for self-healing and the biggest source of my well-being. In all these years of giving this to myself, it is a big honour to offer this space to others, with the approach that is based on the belief – that we all are dancers and dance is a medicine, that exists in all of us.

Time and Growth
In one moment of my life, the most difficult thing was to slow down. The entire spectrum of education, from photography and art, linguistics and philosophy to the variety of diverse jobs, was not enough to understand my inner hardships and anxieties, for which there were no clear reasons to see. My inner heavy states indicated more and more, that I have to take time, go deeper, and know myself better.

The Path of Humility, Willingness, Sincerity, and Integrity
My deepest respect goes to the ritual called vision quest, which gave me the most beautiful safe space and support for analysing my own confusion of deep emotional and mental patterns that are limiting my sense of freedom. With every step, the dance of the darkness and light became more and more flexible, it showed me the power of gratitude and transformed my awareness, of how special and worthy life is, despite its complexity and difficulty.

Safe Spaces and Rituals
Again and again, I feel deeply touched, when the courage for vulnerability arises and the pain is sincerely shared. I acknowledge how much a human being is able to feel and how carefully we have to approach the most sensitive parts of ourselves. The circles I attend and the ones I hold, are based upon combining different philosophies, ancient shamanic practices, and combinations of self-observation techniques and at the same time offer confidential space for everything that reveals to be purified, expressed and transformed into something new.

Gratitude and Curiosity
I feel infinite gratitude for all the experiences, companions, and teachers, who accompanied me to the state where I find myself today. All I do is because I trust myself more and more, hear myself clearer, and learn the responsibility for co-creating the world in which we live. Along the way I’m guided by the gifts to question myself, the courage to experiment and to deepen into depths, to cross the boundaries of beliefs, to explore and create. My interest encompasses everything that brings us to better self-awareness and through awareness to relief and feeling better, so we can maintain inner peace. At the bottom of my heart, I’m namely guided by the belief, that a healthy inner state of the individual is the key to a better world.

Blanka Kefer
Foto: Nace Zavrl

Shamanic Trance Dance Guide and Guardian

(since 2018):

  • Regular monthly events in Vienna (Austria)

Festivals und other Events:

2019 – Yoga Dance Festival (Austria)

2020 – Yoga Dance Festival (Austria)

2020 – Cura Magika (Vienna, Austria)

2020 – Divine Festival (Czech Republic)

2022 – Seedcamp Kautzen (Austria)

2023 – Društvo Tabor, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

2023 – Universal Camps (Slovenia)


Dance Rituals (w. Carmen Vicente)

2019 – Spirit Dance (Israel)

2019 – Spirit Dance (Chile)

2018 – Spirit Dance (Spain)

2016 – Spirit Dance (Spain)

2015 – Spirit Dance (Ecuador)

2015 – Sun Dance – support (Ecuador)


I have the honor to be a carrier of the Chanupa – the sacred pipe and being a vision quester, guided by Maestra Carmen Vicente.

Education and Trainings

2021-2022 – Process support for body, energy and consciousness work
Shambhala Akademie, Vienna (Austria)
– Dance & Bodywork
– Qualified support
– Body-oriented Therapy

2018 – Shamanic Trance Dance Guide & Guardian
w. Zilia Pye, Valderrobres (Spain)

2001-2008/2010 – Philosophy und German Studies
University of Maribor (Slovenia)

Reference (Dance)

  • 2012-ongoing, African-Haiti-Dance
  • 2002-ongoing, African Dance


  • 2020-Impulstanz (Vienna, Austria): Afro-Haitian Dance, Karine Label
  • 2019-Impulstanz (Vienna, Austria): Afro-Haitian Dance, Karine Label
  • 2018-Impulstanz (Vienna, Austria): Afro-Haitian Dance, Karine Label


  • 2010- Workshop in Palais de la culture Amadou Hampaté Ba (Bamako, Mali)
  • 2017- Workshop bei Impulstanz: Derwish in Progress: Ziya Azazi

African Dance Teachers (since 2002):

  • Karine Label
  • Koffi Kôkô
  • Achille Acakpo
  • Alleyn Dance Sisters
  • Aaron Kouassi N’ Guessan
  • Dalanda Diallo
  • Maša Kangao Knez
  • Barbara Plečko Obrečkal
  • 2001-2002, Modern Dance (Plesna Izba, Maribor, Slovenia)
  • 1994-1995, Jazz-Balet (Dance School Pingi, Maribor, Slovenia)


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