Sleeping Under The Stars

Please look at this sleeping spot. Outdoor sleeping room +5 stars deluxe category. I definatley prefer this over any fancy hotel. I do my best every year to sleep under the stars as many times as I can. The feeling of oneness is achieved much easier and the awareness of being one with the million of stars above us frees my soul. We can feel very tiny compared to them, but when we achieve the secret place in ourselves and release every thought, we can be at least as big as the universe itself. What a big relief it is…to be able to feel so infinite and free. It feels like the safest place. The most peaceful place. And it helps me just simple to be. Nothing and everything at once.

2010, Dogon country (Mali, Africa): Dogon people had an extraordinary knowledge of astronomy and making medicine. They knew about some stars that were discovered only later in modern astronomy. Traditionally they believed in Nommo, the watter spirit, the masters of the watter, the monitors. The vibe of fetishism, voodoo or animism is still very alive.