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It is beautiful to see how some ancient traditions of healing practices remained until today and are nowadays also shared with other cultures where most of the old wisdom is already forgotten or it was completely destroyed.

I love to return to circles and places where this traditions are carried on, not only to learn the wisdom and healing practices but also to see with my own eyes that something what I deeply believe really exists…

…There are places for people who are willing to sacrifice their (broken&hurted)ego needs to make steps to change themselves and commit to follow their hearts. Their acts & whole beings surrounded by the light is a big inspiration for me and a living proof that a human being actually IS beautiful and pure in it’s essence if we choose so… That all the negative acts and behaviors of human(s) are not our first intention if we not choose them…

WE have A CHOICE which path we want to follow, the one of the heart or the one of the (broken)ego, the one of the angel or the one of the devil sitting on our opposite shoulders who promote and show us a different way… We may be born with a certain belief and feeling that we are programed as angels or devils, but at the end it lies in our hands what we choose…
And that’s why I think FREE WILL is given to a human being and should be used for!  We have FREE WILL (Yuheeey!) not to choose which car color to buy, where to go for our next holiday or which trends to follow…
…but to be ABLE to choose to live our true inner purpose which is a FULL BLISS OF A PURE FREE HEART. …and this really is a NOBEL choice only a human being is able to make, so WHY NOT TO USE IT?!?
…we may have forgotten that satisfying only our own egoistic needs and not giving a shit if we hurt others is not our real nature and it really doesn’t make us different from Donald Trump…but…
…To have a different world that we all probably want to see for our selves and our next generations WE have the ABILITY to CHOOSE the steps that will bring us to our true inner power for a needed change. 
And therefore the heart and only THE HEART should always win.

AHO. For all our relations. 🙏 💙❤️💙

The spaceship on the picture is called Temascal or a sweat lodge that is used for curative ceremonies and other spiritual and health benefits since more than 2000 Years. 
Recently I was honored with a blessing, when the time is right and I’ll feel ready, to hold ceremonies for all the people who will be willing to benefit from it. Deeply grateful

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Blanka Kefer