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If we skip the water, which is life itself, food, given by the Mother Nature, is the first and our best medicine. In the middle of the winter and long dark nights, having my homemade savings for the winter, feels like having a real treasure of gold…. Hikes in the forests, green meadows, conversations with plants, earth between fingers, prayers for health, wind breeze, sungazing, cloud tracking… All of this jumps out from the jars, when I took off the lid. 

What a great teacher and parent Nature can be, if we could only listen to Her and observe with care with all respect that She deserves <3

All my life I had a strong longing for freedom and in my quest for finding my true inner needs, I found the biggest support and strength in nature and in food. This occupation gives me the power in my mission to step out of destructive mass consumption and live by my own values, no matter the cost. The teaching how I feel and resonate when I eat consciously, in observing how food and other things I put into my body supports or destroys my wellbeing, to discover that I am what I eat, were one of the biggest pushes for the change I was able to made in the last couple of years.

…despite all the bad things that extreme consumption brings, I’m amazed to see how the world still hesitates and tries to avoid questioning of the excessive appetite that it has for all there is. It is hard to face our unfulfilled inner needs that make us „hungry“ for more that we actually need, but under the pressure of mostly unconscious needs which are not genuine,  we search for satisfaction in excessive consumption and we fill up and stuff our asses without measure with bad food, dead animals, buying stuff, drugs, attention, sex, power etc… not admitting to ourselves, that with our greedy lifestyle and consumption we will never feed our endless unknowable hunger, but only the system itself.

The biggest mainstream modern delusion is escaping the reality and finding comfort in the world of legal or illegal drugs, which is commonly falsely taken as the only alternative to excessive material consumption. In our desire to be different and in our search for freedom, we are using fake „pain converters“ and this is just another trap of the system and merely  adds another dimension  to area of the mass consumption world. Absent minds and blurred hearts are so popular nowadays, that everybody is doing it. Everybody is faking it, namely faking their feelings, thoughts and actions. From politicians to businessmen, from junkies to simple people- all are trapped in the cycle of excessive consumption, all of them discussing, complaining, posting articles on social media and criticizing the bad consequences of the consumerist world, but in reality not wanting to see that taking part in any kind of consumption is co-creating the consumerist world. Just for the sake of fake happiness and 5 minutes of fake freedom they overlook that they are actually supporting the chemical industry (destroying nature), dirty hands of politicians (corruption), prostitution (dehumanisation) or any kind of abuse, etc… playing the dirty role of instant heroes of our time. 

No matter in which zone- the vicious circle of the consumerism is created and therefore the self-destruction of our beautiful world. 

And now we wonder why nature is giving us slaps in the face (from the outside and inside) to teach us to behave and respect her and each other again. To show us, that not much is needed to be human and to remember again the difference between using and abusing- things, food, people, power and all other sacred things. And this is happening right now! To everyone and everywhere. 

Away from all of the toxicity, my compass always shows the right direction and the hype and vibe that feels right. The sense of freedom in giving big NO to consumerism gives me more satisfaction and power than no amount of any excessive consumption could ever give it to me before. 

I was always willing to loose my chains and break my matrix. And today I can take responsibility for our collective consciousness, energy and reality. With every breath, clear mind and heart, I choose and work hard to be consistent with my thoughts and acts, gain balance, freedom and real wealth – to be totally present in pure magic of existence for my time on mother earth. 

In the picture: My love, my time, my prayers in the jars, ready for moments I want to share with people I love or the ones that cross my way. I’ve put them in the 4 colours of the medicine wheel from a tradition that helps me face and discover my hidden inner needs. 

To share, to care & to be present is what I wish to be and see in the world <3 

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Blanka Kefer