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Safe Spaces

Fall Altar
If I look back at my student years, when my inner struggles became more and more obvious to me, I realize that there haven’t been, or better to say there were only poor options, where to turn and deal with my “problem that didn’t seem like a problem”. In fact, my life was worthy of envy - being lucky enough to have a healthy supportive family, an opportunity to study, and even a student job. I was living in a country with beautiful nature, clean water, not even to mention a peaceful society

Days to Remember

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The strength, the power and pure magic of the sisterhood. This is the way. Standing side by side. Making the impossible possible. To remember that we are one. We burn from the inside, to make changes to the outside. I feel so blessed and rich, becoming a witch. What a powerful shift <3

Life Celebration

Celebrating Life. Appreciating every breath and every moment, taking a break to feel fully alive here on Mother Earth. Crossing numbers, collecting experiences, perceiving beauties…I feel so privileged and humbled to be allowed to cross the limits of my mind during my lifetime <3

Gardening For Life

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Recently back home spending some time gardening, I realised I must have been living on Mars half of my adulthood not sensing the power and wisdom that is present in our Mother Earth. Obviously I needed a couple of hard landings and untying many emotional knots to finally ground and be able to remember the forgotten connection again. 

Self-Isolation: Stay In Forever

suppose it is very hard at the moment for most of the humans to see how important the time of our isolation is. It is an uniqe opportunity to face our needs, to understand what matters most in our life, and to distinguish between our real and not very necessary needs. The few lucky ones are blessed to feel great liberation and freedom, not missing anything and being in very good company when spending time by themselves. Meanwhile others suffer a sense of great deprivation since until now they never had an oportunity to stop for a moment and not run from themselves for a while.


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If we skip the water, which is life itself, food, given by the Mother Nature, is the first and our best medicine. In the middle of the winter and long dark nights, having my homemade savings for the winter, feels like having a real treasure of gold…. Hikes in the forests, green meadows, conversations with plants, earth between fingers, prayers for health, wind breeze, sungazing, cloud tracking… All of this jumps out from the jars, when I took off the lid.

Wisdom Keepers

It is beautiful to see how some ancient traditions of healing practices remained until today and are nowadays also shared with other cultures where most of the old wisdom is already forgotten or it was completely destroyed.

Sleeping Under The Stars

Please look at this sleeping spot. Outdoor sleeping room +5 stars deluxe category. I definatley prefer this over any fancy hotel. I do my best every year to sleep under the stars as many times as I can. The feeling of oneness is achieved much easier and the awareness of being one with the million of stars above us frees my soul. We can feel very tiny compared to them, but when we achieve the secret place in ourselves and release every thought, we can be at least as big as the universe itself. What a big relief it is...to be able to feel so infinite and free. It feels like the safest place. The most peaceful place. And it helps me just simple to be. Nothing and everything at once.

Simply Africa

The last time I looked into my photo archive I realized how many photos I actually have from my past travels. Since my purpose of photography and travel changed the last couple of years, I still have sooo many photos from my past travels and I just decided to post some of them here and then to bring them back to life through social media😇